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The Department of Mathematics began as a small section and commenced functioning in 1925 with the introduction of Group I at the Intermediate level. To begin with there was only one member: Prof. V.A.Mahalinga Iyer. He served only for one year. Prof. M.T. Kurian joined the Department in 1926.The mathematics section became the Department of Mathematics in the year 1928 with the starting of the B.A Mathematics . Prof.T.A. Satagopan MA from Madras Christian College was appointed Professor of the newly formed Department.Prof. M.T. Kurian (1926-1962) and Prof. P.C. Joseph (1939-1946) who joined the Department later guided the destinies of the Department with firmness and flexibility. Prof.Satagopan and Prof. P.C. Joseph left the Department to take up work elsewhere. When Prof.M.T. Kurian retired in 1962. Prof. O.C. Kuriakose took over as Head. In 1965 during his tenure as Head affiliation was granted for P G Course in Mathematics. He retired in 1978. Prof. O.C Kuriakose belongs to a class of his own. As a scholar and teacher of Mathematics he has few parallels. He evolved his own philosophy of Mathematics. His speeches and writings are erudite discourses which open up new vistas of Mathematical knowledge.In 1978 Prof. OC Kuriakose retired and the mantle of the Head of the Department fell on the Prof. S. Abraham. After his retirement in 1991 Prof. M.A. Manuel, M. Prof. M.Venkataraman, Prof. G. Jayarajan, Prof. Raju Kuttickal and Prof. Joseph Mathews,Prof Antony Mathew,Prof Rajan K presided over the Department in turn. Our journey to centenary is headed by Prof Zacharia Varkey.

The following is Chronological list of teachers who served the Department from 1928 till present.



Sl. No


Years of Service


V.A. Mahalinga Iyer, B.A, Hons

1925 – 1926


M.T. Kurian, M.A

1926 – 1962


T.A. Satagopan, M.A


1928 – 1946


P.C. Joseph, M.A


1939 – 1946


O.C. Kuriakose, B.Sc (Hons)


1943 – 1978


C.T. Joseph, B.Sc


1945 – 1946


G. Sankaranarayana Iyer, B.Sc


1946 – 1947


Sreenivasa Sundaram, B.A (Hons)


1946 – 1951


K.S. Joeph, B.Sc


1946 – 1947


P.K. Narayana Pillai, B.Sc (Hons)


1947 – 1948


C.T. Arumugham Pillai, B.Sc (Hons)


1947 – 1950


John K. John


1948 – 1949


M.C. Joseph, B.A, L T


1949 – 1974


S. Ramachandra Iyer, B.Sc (Hons)


1949 – 1951


N. Viswanathan, B.Sc


6/1949 – 7/1949


N.R. Devikumara Varma, B.Sc (Hons)


6/1949 – 7/1949


K.V. Muthuswamy, B.Sc


1949 – 1950


K. Parthasarathy, B.Sc


1951 – 1952


N.T. Jose, BA (Hons)


1952 – 1953


P.S. Parameswaran, M.A


1952 – 1953


S. Abraham, M.Sc


1953 – 1991


A. Harihara Krishna Iyer, M.Sc


1953 – 1956


M.A. Manuel, B.Sc (Hons)


1956 – 1992


Varghese Philip, M.Sc

1960 – 1964


V.S. Varkey, M.Sc


1960 – 1991


Joseph Pappy, M.Sc


1961 – 1964


M. Venkitaraman, M.Sc


1964 – 1967


K.S. Venkitachalam Iyer M Sc


1964 – 1995


K.E. Paulose, M.Sc


1964 – 1996


M.C. Varghese, M.Sc


1965 – 1998


G. Jayarajan, M.Sc


1965 – 1999


Rev. Fr. Joseph Kanikathott, M.Sc


9/1965 – 11/1965


Jacob Mathew, M.Sc


1966 – 1967


Koshy Mammen, M.Sc


1966 – 1967


Muraleedharan Nair, M.Sc


1966 – 1967


T.C. Jose, M.Sc


1968 – 1969


Harihara Krishna Sarma, M.Sc


1968 – 1969


V.A. Sebastian, M.Sc


1975 – 2000


Raju V. Kuttickal, M.Sc, M.Phil


1975 – 2006


Joseph Mathews, M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D


1978 – 2008


Antony Mathew, M.Sc, M.Phil


1979 – 2011


P.C. Andrews, M.Sc


1980 – 1981


K. Rajan, M.Sc, M.Phil


1981 –2012


V.D. Sebstian, M.Sc


1981 – 1987


K.J. Joseph, M.Sc, B.Ed, M.Phil


1982 – 2008


Zacharia Varkey, M.Sc, M.Phil


1983 –


George Antony, M.Sc


1995 – 2000


Mathewkutty Varghese, M.Sc


1996 – 2001


Jose M.C., M.Sc, M.Phil


1996 –


Dr. Antony Mathews, M.Sc, M.Phil, DBM


2001 –


Dr. Gigy Thomas, M.Sc, M.Phil


2001 –


Dr. Shine C Mathew M Sc


2008 –


Fr. John J Chavara M Sc


2009 –


Jinu B George M Sc , MPhil


2009 –


Tibin Thomas M Sc


2012 –


Pratheesh Mathew M Sc ,MPhil


2012 -


Dr Ullas Thomas






Staff achievements

Our department is fortunate enough to have erudite teachers all the time. Our faculty members were instrumental in maintaining the standard of the university education by serving as chairman and member of various academic bodies of PG and UG. We are proud of Prof P C Joseph, Prof S Abraham, Dr. Joseph Mathews and Prof Rajan K for having authored several text books for higher secondary and college students. Among the faculty 4 have PhD and 10 have MPhil degree. Apart from 1 major project and 3 minor projects above 20 research papers have been published so far. As part of the Indo-Slovenian joint research project of the department of Futures Studies, University of Kerala, Dr Joseph Mathews visited the University of Maribor, Republic of Slovenia in 2008. Dr Joseph Mathews is also a reviewer to the Mathematical Reviews, American Mathematical Society. Rev Dr Gigi Thomas visited African Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Cape Town, South Africa during April-May 2011 for research purposes.

Student achievements

Our students hold top positions in university examination every year. So far we have 40 ranks for MSc in our credit and above 20 NET holders. Our quiz club nourishes interest in Mathematics and bags many prizes in various intercollegiate quiz competitions every year. We have contributed many good researchers and scientists. Our alumni are teaching in various universities, colleges and schools both inside and outside the country. Also our alumni are working in banking, governmental and private sectors. Our students are regularly selected for then NBHM sponsored programmes like MTTS, MTS&NP and SERC schools. Besides the curricular activities our students are actively participating in the activities of NCC and NSS and some of them have got the rare opportunity to participate in the Republic day parade.

International/national Seminars

In 2007, department organized a one day international seminar on Graph Products. Iztok petrine and Simon Spacapam, University of Maribor, Slovenia were the resource persons. By organizing 8 national seminars in the yester years, both the staff and students of the department got the opportunity to interact with eminent mathematicians.

Student Enrichment Programmes

The department organizes Lecture series of 160 hours per year for the PG students to foster their knowledge in the subject. In addition to this we conduct Prof S Abraham endowment lecture every year since 1997. From 2000 onwards we organize All Kerala Quiz Competition in Mathematics for the Berchmans Trophy. Mathematical Modeling Division of our department provides an opportunity to the students to take part in the Spoken Tutorial project which is the initiative of the ‘Talk to a Teacher’ activity of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT), launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Government of India and on the successful completion of the course, they are awarded with certificates issued by IIT Bombay.

Mile Stones

  • 1928: BSc Mathematics started.

  • 1965: MSc Mathematics started.

  • 1978: Golden jubilee celebrated.

  • 1997: Prof S Abraham Endowment Lecture launched.

  • 2000: All Kerala Intercollegiate Quiz Competition in Mathematics for Berchmans Trophy commences.

  • 2006: Research collaboration with University of Maribor, Republic of Slovenia.

  • 2007: Research collaboration with University of Botswana.

  • 2011: Mathematical Modeling Division inaugurated.

Navathy Celebrations

Our department actively participated in the Mega exhibition SAMVIT. The visitors from different walks of life entered our pavilion through the bridges of Konigsberg and were astonished by the theoretical and practical aspects of Mathematics. Navathy alumni meet was a unique occasion for the union of teachers and students of past and present. It is a unique privilege for us that the Navathy year intersects with the National Mathematical Year.


Concluding Remarks


In recording the history of the Department for the last 88 years ,we wish we could have done some justice to this human aspect.The various facts of the department could barely be covered in the space allocated.Some of the data from the past was not available despite our best efforts.So in some cases we had to rely on memory of our senior teachers.We apologise for any consequent deviation from the facts.


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Zacharia Varkey


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