The Department of Syriac

Syriac is taught in this college as second language. Syriac was offered for the degree course under part II and for the intermediate in 1938 when this college was affiliated to the University of Travencore. The first Syriac teacher was Rev. Fr. Joseph Hadrian TOCD. It continued to be the second language when intermediate was replaced by Pre-University course in 1956 and PUC by PDC in 1964. After the de-linking of PDC courses Syriac continues to be the second language for the Degree courses including B.Com.  The university introduced Syriac as second language for the BA English (Voc) on the request of this college in 2004 and our college is the only college to offer Syriac for them.

 The Batches :-


I DC BA / BSc.

I DC B.Com.

I Dc BA Voc English.

Former Staff :-

Rev Fr. Mathew Kavukatt who was the Syriac Lecturer for 11 years and warden of SH, St. Thomas and St. Joseph Hostels became the Bishop of the diocese of Changanassery on 25th July 1950 and became the Archbishop on 29th July 1956. The following are the former staff of Syriac Department.

Rev. Fr. Joseph Hadrian TOCD                 1937-39
Rev. Fr. Joseph Pariyaram,                        1939-51
Rev. Fr. C T Kottaram, BA, LD                    1932-49
Rev. Fr. L J Chittoor, Ph D , DD                  1939-40
Rev. Fr. M K John M. A                                  1940-41
Rev. Fr. Mathew Kavukatt, B A                     1941-50
Rev. Fr. Gregory Karikkampally                  1953-68
Rev. fr. Mathew Pulickaparampil M A        1956-60
Rev Fr Mathew Kattady                                1956-60
Rev. Fr. Philip Chavara  B A                        1961-82
Rev. Dr. Issac Alencherry   B A                   1969-87
Rev. Fr. Thomas Kanjirathummoottil        1982-91
Rev. Fr. Joseph Njarakkattil                        1994-95
Rev. Fr. Paulose Kizhakkinedath               1996-98
Rev. Fr. K.K. Thomas Kodinattukunnel     1987-98

Contact Details

Head of the Department

Fr. John Joseph


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